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My breeding dogs health and happiness is at the core of our breeding program and is why we designed the  Forever Family Guardian program for qualified individuals. 
The Foster program allows my future moms to enjoy growing up and living with their forever families while still enjoying the gift of motherhood. Our girls only have litters for a couple years and then become our Forever Guardian Family's dog forever and ever! Becoming a Guardian is open to only qualified individuals and families.

If you have any questions regarding our Forever Family Guardian Program or would like more information about how to become a Guardian family, please feel free to contact us! 
~ Join the Savannah Goldens Family ~'



Forever Family Guardians must live within 2 hours of Savannah Goldens in Stockbridge, GA​

Why is there a Savannah Goldens 
"Forever Guardian Program"?

"There's something so pure, so loving, so understanding in the eyes of a Golden Retriever that does wonders for the inside of man"! 
~Mary Meneely~

TRUE: Living on an equestrian farm one would think I could have all the Golden Retrievers I wanted living on our farm! 

TRUE: Goldens' thrive on love, petting, attention, brushing, bathing, laying in your lap, at your feet, in your bed, going for walk, playing fetch, and sitting next to you in your car going to Starbucks for a "Pup-a-chino".

TRUE: My Goldens live in our home with our family, watch dogs shows, and dog shows on TV with us, exercise with us, sleep on their own special beds with their own special toys inside our home, and they are very special members of our family.

 REALITY: So because we only have so many hands to pet and throw balls, so many couches to watch nightly family TV shows,  and so many seats in the car, I started The Savannah Goldens Forever Guardian Program. I believe Goldens should live inside the home and have a family of their own, not in kennels! 

OPPORTUNITY: Apply to become a Forever Guardian to one (or two) of our "top" exquisite English Cream Golden Retrievers females whom will grow up to be one of our fabulous breeding females?  

INTERESTED: To find out more and apply to become members of our Savannah Goldens Forever Guardian Program hit the "Request Info" button on the left.