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My breeding dogs health and happiness is at the core of our breeding program and is why we designed the  Forever Family Foster program for qualified individuals. 
The Foster program allows my breeding females and males to enjoy growing up and living with their forever families while still enjoying motherhood. Fostering is open to only qualified individuals and families.

If you have any questions regarding our Forever Family Foster Program or would like more information about how to become a Foster home, please contact us:
  • You receive a world class English Cream puppy to raise, love, and enjoy!

  • Individuals have very little monetary expense for years during fostering. I pay for normal and actual vet expenses including 6 months of flea and tick control.

  • When female reaches her retirement age, I will have her spayed and vaccinated. The dog then becomes the foster families at no cost. 

  • Foster families enjoy all the love and companionship of a Golden Retriever! 

  • At anytime if the program or dog does not work for you I will take the dog back.

  • The dog is ultimately mine until he/she retires from breeding.

  • When she comes into heat she will be brought back to me and bred then return to foster home. 

  • She will again be returned to me 10-12 days prior to whelping and lactating. This process lasts approx 6-8 weeks. 

  • She will return to me for heat cycles she that she is to be bred.

  • You are responsible for food, grooming, puppy training, and any vet expenses outside of normal and actual vet expenses. (We assist here).

European Imported Male 2 Yrs Old. 
All Training Included!
Potty Trained, Well Mannered
Available November 10th, 2019

Female Puppy 
She Can Go Home December 20, 2019!!