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Savannah Goldens  ~"The Golden Girls" ~ 
~ Savannah Goldens Unda Del Golden Star ~

Lulu is stunning with a beautiful blocky head. She is a lover of all things fun (as long as it's with family) and enjoys road trips! Lulu is the daughter of Sugar and Benelli whose puppies have sold all over the USA! 

~ Syrah Ivoree Lola ~  
"Lola" (retired)
 ~ Savannah Goldens Sugar ~
Savannah Goldens Sugar "Sugar"!
Sugar is amazing! She stops people everywhere she goes because of her looks, friendly personality, and athleticism. Sugar loves boat rides, swimming and spending time with her family! Her puppies favor their mom even the blocky head!
~ Savannah Goldens Sweet Atalie of Dewmist ~ 

Savannah Goldens Sweet Atalie of Dewmist "Gnocchi" is as amazing as they come! She has a personality plus, faithful and loving but her favorite is playing fetch and bring surprises. A beautiful girl whose puppies will be as sweet and beautiful as her!